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material properties functional additives
material properties functional additives
material properties functional additives

Digital Composite Manufacturing

The Fortify team developed DCM to unlock new material properties that cannot be achieved with 3D printed photopolymers alone. We achieve these properties by suspending and aligning Functional Additives (particles and reinforcing fibers) in a resin matrix during printing.  Fortify’s open materials platform open up a wide range of material properties at high resolution. 

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Continuous Kinetic Mixing™

CKM™ for uniform suspension of fiber and other functional additives
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Magnetic Alignment for Optimized Microstructures
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Continuous Kinetic Mixing

Functional additives must be uniformly distributed to achieve consistent material properties.  Continuous Kinetic Mixing addresses this issue by blending resin and additives. Material is recirculated (and heated as required) throughout the printing process.

Fortify partners with the world’s leading chemical companies to expand material properties and solve printability challenges

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Fiber Alignment Module

During the printing of each layer, a magnetic field is applied across the build area.  This aligns all fibers in the layer. Individual regions of this layer are then cured with UV light.  This locks the orientation of fibers only in those regions. This process of orienting and locking fiber is repeated as needed within each layer and repeated for the next print layer. This unique ability to control fiber orientation throughout a part is unprecedented in any manufacturing technology.

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