As additive material properties become more advanced, application space is opening up across industries for both tooling and end use parts.  Use cases that were unthinkable 10 years ago are now common due to breakthroughs in nearly all modes of Additive.

One of the key challenges we face as an industry is getting customers to accept new materials on the basis of properties, versus the names of widely used legacy materials.  The more the industry pushes the boundaries on traditionally used materials, the more friction we need to overcome. 

 At Fortify, we’re hyper focused on extending the limits of material properties.  We accomplish this by adding fiber reinforcement to the highest performance photopolymers on the market. The results are stronger, stiffer, and tougher materials.

However, the “name game” is challenging. We’re opening the conversation for experienced perspectives, advice, and opinions about the best way to communicate about our materials with the industry at large. 

Reader’s Poll: Is it a Composite? Or a Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP?)

Team Fortify debates this issue weekly, daily, even hourly.  

Resin + Fiber Reinforcement = Composite.  

Composites are well established class of materials and always communicate high performance.  

Problem solved!

Not so fast.

Many of the applications we are testing currently use FRPs like Glass filled Ultem or Nylon. This terminology is also widely accepted.  

As we approach CAMX (Composites and Advanced Materials Expo), where Fortify is up for 3 different awards, we’re curious to hear what industry insiders have to say on the topic. 

Vote here and feel free to comment and open up the discussion!