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RF Devices

Fortify’s 3D printed RF components are 10-100x less lossy than other 3D printed photopolymers. With best in class resolution and surface finish this makes this an ideal solution for Microwave/mmWave devices. Leveraging unique materials capabilities and design approaches such as lattice based design, Fortify delivers finished part performance that exceeds any traditional process.

3D Printed RF lenses

General Industrial and R&D

Fortify’s 3D printed injection mold tools are reinforced with ceramic fibers. This means they are able to withstand the rigors of an injection mold press for a range of commodity and engineering-grade plastics with complex geometries. This solution accelerates product timelines by reducing time and cost on tooling while allowing you to prototype in end use material.

3D printed mold tooling from Fortify

Looking to explore a new application?

Fortify’s FLUX Series printers are able to print and process viscous and filled photopolymers for scalable, engineering applications. Combined with Fortify’s proprietary FLUX Developer software, new materials can be onboarded to explore new applications in a matter of days, dramatically accelerating time to market.

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