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General Industry and R&D

Fortify’s material profile offers several high value materials for different applications in general industry. Applications and materials include:

Digital Tooling – A material designed for rapid injection mold tools that can be used for IM with any material in the thermoplastic pyramid.

HTS – A high strength high temperature material perfect for jigs and end use parts.

Flux Developer for R&D- Fortify’s platform includes Flux Developer, an open materials platform that allows users to be able to customize our hardware to research and experiment with the development of new materials.

Injection Molding with Fortify

Aerospace & Defense

Develop rapid prototypes and low-volume production parts without high tooling costs with injection molded parts from Fortify.

Medical Devices

Quickly validate designs in production material and accelerate time to regulatory approval with Fortify’s medical device injection molding services.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Low-volume rapid injection molding for CPG in 10 days or less.

Jigs and End Use Parts

Fortify’s HTS resin is a game-changer for manufacturing aids like jigs and fixtures. Its impressive high temperature resistance and precision mean you can create robust tools that hold up under tough conditions while maintaining accuracy. This resin is perfect for industries like automotive and aerospace, where precision is crucial, and the environment can get hot. With Fortify’s HTS resin, you can trust your jigs and fixtures to perform reliably, making your manufacturing processes smoother and more efficient.

HTS photopolymer for jigs fixtures and end use parts

Research and Development

Fortify’s FLUX Developer platform empowers users to swiftly assess new materials for compatibility with FLUX Series 3D printers.

Developer grants access to all vital print parameters on the exclusive photopolymer DLP system, engineered to handle high viscosity and particle-filled resins. With control over 30 print parameters governing the light engine, CKM, and Fluxprint, Flux Developer expedites the development of viscous and filled photopolymers.

Traditionally, high-performance material formulations often face shelving due to the restricted processing windows of conventional DLP platforms. Flux Developer eliminates this obstacle.

Utilized daily by Fortify’s in-house materials science team, Flux Developer offers the same robust toolset for external users.

Thermally Conductive Dielectric Resin for 3D printing

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