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Injection Molding for Automotive Parts in 10 Days or Less

Save up to 70% on tooling costs with rapid, low-volume automotive injection molding from Fortify.
rapid injection molding
rapid injection molding
rapid injection molding

Quick-Turn Automotive Molds for Under Hood Applications

Plastics found under the hood and near the engine need to be tough, high-temperature resistant, and high-performance. Fortify is able to mold in these tough materials and complex geometries to create quick-turn automotive molds. 

Fortify’s automotive injection molding services give you the ability to:

  • Validate assemblies
  • Prototype new product lines in harsh materials like GF PBT, CF PEEK, PEEK, GF Ultem
  • Speed up the development cycle with molded parts in 10 days

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Injection Molding for EV Connectors

Electrical vehicle manufacturers need to get functional prototypes in complex geometries to test their full car designs, but high costs and long lead times are barriers in automotive and EV prototyping. Don’t let high tooling costs slow down the prototyping process or add unnecessary costs to already expensive vehicles. 

With Fortify’s injection molding services, you can:

  • Eliminate high tooling costs for complex geometries
  • Get molded parts faster for new product lines
  • Mold parts for custom vehicles or limited edition runs

See use cases where Fortify’s quick-turn injection molds were able to accelerate product development and gain quicker regulatory approval, among other benefits.

High-performance plastic molds from Fortify
High-performance plastic molds from Fortify
High-performance plastic molds from Fortify

High-Performance Plastics for Automotive Prototyping

Fortify is the leader in molding high-performance plastics with 3D printed tooling. Now you can mold automotive prototypes in a range of plastics without going over budget or sacrificing quality.

Fortify can mold auto parts in these plastics:

  • Carbon Fiber filled PEEK
  • Ultem 1000 and Ultem 2300
  • Liquid Crystalline Polymer
  • Glass Filled Nylons, PBT, Polycarbonates, etc.

Speak with our experts to determine which plastic is right for your automotive application.

3D Printed Molds from Fortify
3D Printed Molds from Fortify
3D Printed Molds from Fortify

Get Injection Molded Parts for Low-Volume Production

Quantities of high-performance automotive parts in the hundreds per year are often difficult to produce due to the need to justify tooling costs. Typically, this is addressed with costly CNC parts or FDM 3D printing which cannot create isotropic parts. Now you can get affordable low-volume quantities of the auto parts you need in 10 days or less. 

Fortify’s automotive injection molding services deliver:

  • Up to 70% of savings on tooling costs
  • The ability to mold the ideal material without blowing through the budget
  • Low-volume parts in quantities from 1-200 in 10 days or less
  • Media blasting and polishing parts for final production quality look

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