Seamless conversion from design to print file

Compass Software

Build Preparation

Compass build preparation software allows users of the Flux Series 3D printers to easily position and arrange multiple parts to take full advantage of the printer’s build platform. CKM and Fluxprint settings are also established at this step.

Compass allows users to support an entire tray of parts in a single build in minutes. The support profiles are fully customizable and can be saved and shared for later use. Why pay more for third party software?

The Compass proprietary slicing engine gives users the ability to quickly and easily view individual slices of every part in your build.

Lattice print
Lattice print
Lattice print

Integrates With All FLUX Printers

Print files from Compass can be accessed directly on your printer through Fluxhost, the touchscreen printer controller software, via manual USB, the cloud, or private VPN. View print time, resin consumption, and a variety of other metrics in real time before you start a print.