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There’s many ways we can work together. We have  multiple business models to lower barriers of entry and create flexibility for different customers depending on customer needs and application.

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Solution Identification

The first step to efficiently tackle your toughest challenges is identifying the solution. Whether you already have an idea or are coming to Fortify with just the problem, our expertise in RF design will guide the identification and planning to implement the best solution.


Application Development

Our experienced team of RF engineers, application engineers, and designers will collaborate with you to optimize the solution. From high frequency RF simulations to incorporating mechanical engineering for fixture design, our team will refine the solution to ensure it is optimal for your application.


Low Rate Production

After extensive prototyping and iterations, and with production on the horizon, we confirm process capability and repeatability to ensure that part tolerances and unit costs meet the required standards.



Whether we produce the parts in-house at Fortify HQ or through one of our contract manufacturing partners, you can rely on Fortify to scale with you throughout the entire production lifecycle of your components.

Our Contract Manufacturing Partners

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