284°C HDT

Highest Temperature ESD Material Available in Additive Manufacturing


ESD-HT is a high temperature, ESD-safe photoresin that prevents static charge build-up on parts in operating conditions up to 284C. Parts made from Fortify’s ESD-HT photoresin are “static dissipative”, allowing for controlled static discharge with precisely tuned resistivities of 106 Ω/sq meeting ESD-safe requirements of the most rigorous manufacturers, while offering industry leading thermal stability. 

ESD-HT is stronger and stiffer than the competition in the AM space while boasting near-perfect surface finish, allowing it to be utilized in the most demanding advanced manufacturing applications such as electronics assembly, especially any process that involves elevated temperatures such as solder reflow, and manufacturing automation

ESD performance graph
ESD performance graph
ESD performance graph
Fortify's ESD for Unmatched Performance

Fortify’s ESD-HT photoresin brings static dissipative solutions to many applications including in the following use cases:

  • High temp – 284C
  • Best in class surface finish
  • Parts do not leave a black mark – no “pencil” effect
  • High tolerance – +/-0.005″
  • Geometric freedom advantages of additive manufacturing

Key ESD applications:

  • SMT pick and place nozzles
  • Soldering fixture pallets (wave, reflow, selective)
  • PCB housings
  • IC test fixtures
  • PCB test fixtures
  • Transfer and packaging trays
  • Electronic enclosures

What Will You Fortify?

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