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3D Printed High Temperature and High Strength Parts for Jigs, Fixtures, and End Use Parts

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our advanced photopolymer materials portfolio – High temperature and strength (HTS) resin. HTS is ideal for a range of applications in tooling, jigs, fixtures, and end-use parts.

Courtesy of Diversified Plastics

HTS has an HDT of greater than 300 C at 0.45 MPa while maintaining 90 MPa in ultimate tensile strength. HTS demonstrates the advancements in material properties that filled resin systems can deliver. Additionally, HTS is a one-pot resin, eliminating the handling and pot life issues of 2 part resin systems.

While many 3D printed photopolymers are great for applications where commodity or even engineering-grade plastics are needed, the industry lacks high throughput solutions (such as SLA/DLP) that can produce parts that match the characteristics of PEEK, Ultem, and other high-performance plastics.

A ceramic fiber-filled resin with a Loctite base material, HTS rivals the material properties of GF Nylon, Vespel, and high-performance plastics – while also taking advantage of 3D printing benefits including:

  • Low material cost
  • Low labor cost
  • Fast lead time
  • Design freedom without additional cost

HTS at its core is another alternative for anyone looking for high-strength, high-temperature part performance. In general, low-volume machined Peek and Ultem parts are expensive, HTS offers an affordable alternative (some examples are 10X lower cost) and time to usable printed parts can be 1-2 days.

HTS compared to GFN
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