The Strongest 3D Printable Photopolymer That Can Take the Heat

HTS - High Temperature & Strength

For Jigs, Fixtures, and End Use Parts

Fortify’s Digital Composite Manufacturing platform allows direct 3D printing of the highest performance materials available. 

HTS delivers material properties similar to engineering plastics like PEEK, Vespel®, Radel® and Torlon® via additive manufacturing.  Unlike many other high-performance photopolymers, HTS is a one pot system leading to higher productivity and less waste. HTS parts provide:

  • High temperature performance (HDT exceeding 300C)
  • High strength and deformation resistance
  • Best-in-class wear resistance
  • Ability to be autoclaved 
  • AM photopolymer advantages without sacrificing part performance

Request a Benchmark Part

Fortify now offers the opportunity for you to evaluate HTS by requesting a benchmark part.