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Contract Manufacturer Partners

At Fortify, we boast a robust manufacturing network equipped to handle large-scale production tasks. Our extensive network comprises contract manufacturers with the essential quality systems and certifications required to fabricate high quality components using the Fortify platform.

If you’re interested in collaborating with one of our partners or becoming part of our network, click the button below.

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Fortify 3D Printing for High Performance Applications

Our Contract Manufacturing Network

Material Partners

We work with material companies to optimize their resins for our FLUX Series 3D printers. Below you’ll find each of our partners, their material(s) & datasheet(s), and relevant applications.

In addition to the materials below, we’ve created an open platform for the development of viscous and filled resins for our machines.

Our FLUX Developer platform allows you to quickly qualify new materials for our FLUX Series 3D printers by giving you access to all key print parameters on our printers. Learn more about Flux Developer.

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Materials Lab 3d printing composite materials

Become a Partner

Fortify is continually expanding our network of CM, Material and Technology partners. If you’re interested in becoming a partner click the button below, complete the form, and we will be in touch very soon!

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