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Fortify believes that creating a robust partner network of Contract Manufacturers (CM), Material Partners, and Technology Partners is paramount for the success of our customers.

Our CM Partners specialize in mold tooling, rapid prototyping, and RF applications. Fortify Material Partners develop materials that are optimized for our FLUX Series printers for mold tooling, technical ceramics, and RF & microwave devices. Our Technology Partners include software companies, national labs, and others.


3d printer
3d printer
3d printer

Fortify Contract Manufacturer Partners

We have found that we’ve been experiencing a strong part demand as we promote our applications. To address this we are building out an ecosystem of Contract Manufacturers (CM).

To work with one of our contract manufacturers tell us a little more about your application and what you’re looking for.

Materials Lab 3d printing composite materials
Materials Lab 3d printing composite materials
Materials Lab 3d printing composite materials

Material Partners

We work with material companies to optimize their resins for our FLUX Series 3D printers. Below you’ll find each of our partners, their material(s) & datasheet(s), and relevant applications. 

In addition to the materials below, we’ve created an open platform for the development of viscous and filled resins for our machines. 

Our FLUX Developer platform allows you to quickly qualify new materials for our FLUX Series 3D printers by giving you access to all key print parameters on our printers. Learn more about Flux Developer.

rogers partnership


Material: Radix Printable Dielectric

Key Material Properties: Dielectric Constant: 2.8, Dissipation Factor (@ 24 GHz): 0.0046

Applications: Printing components and devices used in wide bandwidth, high frequency communication and sensing systems. Tailored for microwave and mmWave applications.

henkel partnerships


Material: Digital Tooling

Key Material Properties: Heat Deflection Temperature (@ 0.455 MPa):>300℃, Tensile Strength: 90 MPa

Applications: Tooling for injection molding or thermoforming

Material: Thermally Conductive Dielectric Resin

Key Material Properties: Thermal Conductivity: 2 W/mK, Electrical Resistivity: 1016 Ω·cm

Applications: Thermal management applications requiring electrical insulation

Material: ESD High Temperature Resin

Key Material Properties: Surface Resistivity: 106 Ω·cm, Heat Deflection Temperature (@ 0.455 MPa): 284

Applications: Preventing static charge build-up on parts in operating conditions up to 284℃

tethon partnerships


Material: High Purity Alumina (99.8%)

Key Material Properties: Chemical Purity: 99.8%, Operating Temperature: 1750℃

Applications: Aerospace and Aviation – Bearings, seals, and thermal shields, Medical – Surgical implants, tools and guides, Chemical production: Components that will survive rapid temperature changes, pressure, and corrosion, Electronics – Waveguides, sensors, heat sinks and more

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man using 3software
man using 3software

Technology Partners

Rounding out our partner network are Technology Partners. This includes software companies, national labs, and many others. We know that as a designer, engineer or manufacturer you need to work with many tools along the way to designing and manufacturing your end use product. Below are some of the Technology Partners we are current working with. 


Become a partner

Fortify is continually expanding our network of CM, Material and Technology partners. If you’re interested in becoming a partner click the button below, complete the form, and we will be in touch very soon!