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3D Printed Dielectric Lenses Increase Antenna Gain and Widen Beam Scanning Angle

3D Printed RF lenses

This white paper discusses the trends in the RF/microwave industry driving the demand of AAS and some of the challenges associated with building AAS using traditional approaches. Furthermore, this paper details the benefits of using dielectric lenses and switched antenna array elements to achieve electronically steerable antenna arrays that can be lower cost, faster steering, higher gain, and with much wider beamsteering angle capability than with phased array antenna technology alone. Additional details and discussion of GRIN dielectric lenses and the advantages of 3D printing Rogers Corp. new filled photopolymer resin technology is also provided. Lastly, a demonstration of a spherical GRIN lens fabricated with Fortify’s digital light projection (DLP) printing technology and Rogers Corp. filled photopolymer resin is presented that clearly shows the gain, directivity, and antenna efficiency enhancements possible with GRIN dielectric lenses fabricated from this specialized material and method.

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