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Expanding the Processing Window of DLP Additive Manufacturing

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Fortify has innovated in hardware, software, and materials to fill the current void in the market that neat, unfilled photopolymers have left unsatisfied. By piggybacking on the innovations happening in neat photopolymers, Fortify can add functional particle additives to introduce a step change in material performance, tackling the unmet needs of the industries including injection molding, aerospace, 5G, electronics, and more.

This white paper will present the following:

• A suite of problems that engineers, and material scientists face when developing particle filled photopolymer systems

• Customer-ready Flux Developer toolsets that engineers use to solve these problems and print novel, high value materials quickly.

• Examples of how Fortify and Fortify’s partners and customers have used the Flux Developer toolsets and methodology to develop high value, technical particle-filled photopolymer materials to tackle real world problems.

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