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Quick-Turn Injection Molded Parts Without Breaking the Bank

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Long lead times and extraordinarily high costs to cut tools during product development plagues injection molders. You order tools overseas to keep costs down, but now have to worry about supply chain issues on top of long lead times. Alternatively, cutting a metal tool domestically for low-volume and prototyping can eat up your whole product development budget. This story isn’t new, but the innovation to break this cycle is. Fast-turn-on-demand tools for functional testing in end-use material in a matter of days and at a fraction of the cost is changing how product designers and engineers can iterate quickly before going to production tooling. 

This white paper will discuss several use cases where quick-turn molded parts were able to accelerate product development and gain quicker regulatory approval, among other benefits. The key to success – 3D printed mold tools that actually work- and can mold high-performance plastics with complex geometries. If after reading this white paper you are interested in completing a molding project with Fortify, click here to get started. 


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