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Our Story

Fortify was created to break the cycle of long lead times and inferior materials in traditional manufacturing. The company was founded on research on composite 3D printing by Randall Erb and Joshua Martin at Northeastern University. Their goal was to enable quick and seamless fabrication of composites with optimized microstructures. Through their research, they invented magnetic 3D printing, or Fluxprint. They established Fortify to bring optimized composites to engineers across the globe. Today, Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) has found success in tooling, aerospace, and automotive applications. Now, Fortify is a leader in optimized composites. DCM has transformed the DNA of materials, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in engineering.

Fluxprint Technology

Fluxprint makes high-performance materials accessible. It’s a patented magnetic 3D printing process that creates optimized composites. It combines magnetics and digital light processing (DLP) 3D printing to produce composite parts with ideal mechanical properties. As a part is additively manufactured, fibers are magnetically aligned voxel by voxel to optimize the microstructure. High-performance components are created significantly faster and at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional manufacturing. With Fluxprint, engineering teams achieve ideal mechanics and bring quality products to market faster.


We move manufacturing forward.

Who We Are

At Fortify, we apply our expertise across disciplines to create products that challenge the status quo. Our culture is inclusive and collaborative. We are a growing team of engineers and business leaders with years of experience in innovation. Together, we develop groundbreaking technology, redefining what’s possible in manufacturing.

Our Team


Josh Martin

CEO, Co-Founder

Josh Martin is a mechanical engineer and materials scientist by training. He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Delaware, where he was first exposed to composite materials. Josh worked as a materials scientist at the Army Research Labs before moving to Boston to pursue his Ph.D. at Northeastern University under a National Science Foundation Fellowship. His research spun out into Fortify, where he operates as CEO.


Karlo Delos Reyes

Vice President of Applications, Co-Founder

A chemical engineer by training, Karlo Delos Reyes runs business development and strategy at Fortify. Karlo joined the founding Fortify team during his Ph.D. program while serving as president of Origin, a program dedicated to spinning out graduate research into commercial ventures. He holds a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry and Cellular Biology from the University of California, San Diego. Previously, he worked at the Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation in their Advanced Automation and Robotics Department.


Dan Shores

Software Technical Lead, Co-Founder

Dan is an engineer with a multi-disciplinary background in software and mechanics for the development of biomedical devices and consumer products. He joined Fortify while completing his master’s degree at Northeastern University, where he worked on computer-aided design and analysis of composite material microstructures.


Andrew Caunter

Mechanical Engineering Lead, Co-Founder

Andrew is the Mechanical Engineering Lead at Fortify. After earning a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University, he began his career as a medical device product development consultant. He now serves as the Mechanical Engineering Lead at Fortify, designing 3D printer mechanisms and hardware.


Scott Goodrich

Director of Systems Engineering, Co-Founder

Scott is a mechanical engineer with product development experience across clean energy, biomedical, consumer electronic, and industrial applications. Scott began designing magnetic control systems and 3D printers with the team that became Fortify while completing his B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Northeastern University.


Randy Erb

Scientific Adviser, Co-Founder

Randy is a professor of mechanical and industrial engineering and the head of DAPS Lab at Northeastern University. He is an expert in colloidal science, additive manufacturing, and magnetic manipulation. He serves as the resident scientific advisor of Fortify.

Mike Datta
Mike Datta

Mike Datta

Electrical Engineering Lead

Mike has 10 years of experience bringing electronic systems through concept, design, certification, and mass market launch. Prior to joining the Fortify team, Mike was a founder and VP of Product Development at 3L Power where he developed a wide variety of power conversion systems in the kilowatt to multi-mega watt range including battery energy storage systems, solar inverters, PM Motor drives, and grid interactive systems. Mike holds a BS in Electrical Engineering and a MS in Electromagnetics and Photonics both from Boston University.


Ben MacDonald

Applications Engineer

Ben is a mechanical engineer at Fortify with experience in both product development and applications. Ben earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology and as a student worked as a co-op for Fortify. Upon graduation he rejoined the team as an applications engineer focused on printing and injection molding.


Hank Goddard

Board Observer, Advisor

Hank is a Managing Director at Mainspring Capital Partners, a family office that provides capital and operating expertise to growing businesses. As an active board member at Fortify, he works with the executive team on market strategy, sales, partnerships, financing and corporate governance. Hank started his career in engineering, designing composite jet engine and automotive components. Since then he has built, bought and sold a variety of companies and invested in many early-stage technology companies. Hank is also on the board of directors at Dauntless Air, an aerial firefighting company, and was previously a board member at Accurate Home Care, Oncology Services International, AL Solutions and Mainspring Healthcare Solutions.


Kyle Johnson

Materials Scientist

Kyle Johnson is a materials scientist and engineer by training. Kyle earned his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University and completed his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan studying polymer nanocomposites and novel polymer architectures. Upon completion of his doctorate, Kyle worked on the development of additively manufactured composites at the Air Force Research Laboratory. Kyle has experience developing materials for aerospace, biomedical and automotive applications, and enjoys the challenge of finding novel solutions to complex problems.


Ben Arnold

VP of Business Development

Ben Arnold leads Fortify’s Sales and Marketing efforts as the VP of Business Development.  Ben has decades of experience helping companies bring new capital equipment technology to market and joined the 3D Printing industry in 2006.  He has been on the forefront of several industry innovations including multi-material polymer printing (Objet Connex); multi-laser metal printers (SLM  Solutions), and the evolution of MIM based metal printing (Desktop Metal).  Ben brings this experience to his role at Fortify working with customers to identify key applications for Digital Composite Manufacturing.   Ben holds BSME (WPI) and MBA (Northeastern) degrees.


Alex Quinn

Senior Process Engineer

Alex joins Fortify with 7 years of experience in the Lithium-Ion battery industry, where he worked in R&D prototyping and developing high-power battery cell products for automotive applications. He holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.


Olivia Lau

Software Engineer

Olivia is a software engineer with experience supporting tactical defense operations for The Raytheon Company. She has a B.A. in Computer Science and Mathematics from The College of the Holy Cross, where she completed a thesis on automated medical imaging analysis for the early detection of Parkinson’s Disease.


Noah Collins

Mechanical Engineer

Noah is a mechanical engineer on the Hardware team at Fortify. After graduating with a BSME from Northeastern University, he worked for three years in the 3D printing industry in applications and mechanical design roles. At Fortify, Noah designs mechanical systems that enable high-quality, reliable printing.


Mark Rabiner

Principle Embedded Engineer

Mark is an embedded systems engineer at Fortify.  He has over 15 years of experience developing electronics for commercial and industrial products. Prior to Fortify, Mark was the Director of Hardware Engineering at Digital Lumens where he designed industrial LED lighting systems, wireless lighting controls, and wireless sensors. Mark holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.


David Butler

Electrical Engineer

David is an electrical engineer at Fortify. He has a B.S. in
Electrical and Computer Engineering from Northeastern University and enjoys the many facets of being an electrical engineer. David has experience designing low power DC/DC converters and electronic control boards. He now develops electronics for Fortify’s 3D Printers.


Danielle Kershner

Marketing and Communications Manager

Danielle brings a decade of marketing and communications experience to the Fortify team. She built her career on enabling B2B tech companies to tell their stories through marcom initiatives. She kickstarted her career as a Partner at Eco Branding, a PR and marketing agency for cleantech companies. Most recently she ran marketing and communications at Terrafugia, an aviation start-up, and prior to that she led channel and marketing efforts at Yaskawa Solectria Solar. Danielle received her B.A. in Communications and Psychology with a focus in public relations at the University of Maryland.


Anna Weible

Office Manager

Anna is an operations specialist dealing in the space of people. With a background in Fine Arts, her interests lie in merging the world of operations and culture. She joined Fortify following a move from NYC, where she was previously working to evolve internal culture in the brand design and strategy sphere.


Chahid Ghaddar

Principle Software Engineer

Chahid is the author of 4 US patents and about twenty peer reviewed publications. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and MS and PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a background in computational mathematics and software engineering. During a two-decade career, Chahid has led diverse software development projects including mathematical modeling tools, computer vision, simulations, MEMS, CAD, and finance applications. He contributed to commercial engineering software including CoventorWare and Mathcad and has founded ExcelWorks LLC to empower the spreadsheet with native calculus functions.


Nick Provenzano

Print Engineer

Nick is a Print Engineer who works closely with the applications and development of the printers. Nick earned a B.S. in Electronics Engineering and an A.S. in Robotics Engineering from JWU. Nick has been working in the additive industry for over 6 years who has experience with servicing machines and applications.


Phil Lambert

Senior Applications Engineer

Phil earned both his BS and MS in mechanical engineering and spent his graduate program in the DREAMS Lab at Virginia Tech working on the development of novel projection stereolithography systems. Since entering industry, Phil has built a career in 3D printing. He has broad experience in both design and manufacturing of 3D printed goods, ranging from consumer electronics to medical devices. He is passionate about his contributions towards realizing the goal of market-ready 3D-printed products.

Work smart, have fun.

What we do

We work together to develop groundbreaking products, and we have fun doing it. Our workspace is decked out with sitting-to-standing desks, a kitchen stocked with snacks, a ping-pong table, rock climbing holds, and a big screen for movies and video games (and the occasional meeting). Outside of the office, you can find us at the climbing gym down the street or on the ski slopes near Boston. All teammates have excellent resources on hand. Engineers have access to a full lab, machine shop, and characterization facilities. We’re committed to professional development, providing employees with courses, books, and any other resources they need to reach their goals. Our culture is designed to help each person succeed now and in the long run.


Join the team.

Working at Fortify

Fortify is an advanced manufacturing company creating a new generation of high-performance products. Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM), enabled by patented Fluxprint technology, creates composite parts with precise fiber alignment. We bring cutting-edge technology to leading companies in the manufacturing, aerospace, and automotive industries. Based in Boston, MA, we’re a small, passionate team motivated by curiosity and innovation. We’re hiring high-performing professionals to help build Fortify into a global leader in advanced manufacturing. Join an inclusive, collaborative team of engineers and creatives developing elegant technology that redefines how products are made.

Open Positions

Materials Technician

Location: Boston, MA

Summary of Position

As a Materials Technician, you will carry out production tasks and QA/QC tests for our product lines. You will also handle waste management tasks. As part of the materials team, you will build an understanding of the basic science of Digital Composite Manufacturing and understand the significance and context of your results.  READ FULL DESCRIPTION HERE. 

Senior Firmware Engineer

Location: Boston, MA

Summary of Position

As a Senior Firmware Engineer are expected to drive embedded software architecture decisions. You will interface with an interdisciplinary team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers to understand system design requirements and translate them into embedded requirements. Based on these requirements, you will develop code (primarily in C) to control various printer subsystems. You will also be responsible for documenting and testing both subsystem and high-level printer operation. READ FULL DESCRIPTION HERE

3D Printing Technician

Location: Boston, MA

Summary of Position:

We are building a world-class Applications team to solve high-value, industry-wide problems that fully leverage Fortify’s unique manufacturing platform. As a 3D Printing Technician, you will work with the Fortify print team to set up, print, and post-process parts for customers and internal users using Fortify’s Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) process. As a 3D Printing Technician, you will work with the Fortify print team to set up, print, and post-process parts for customers and internal users using Fortify’s Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) process.  READ FULL DESCRIPTION HERE.

Senior Compliance Engineer

Location: Boston, MA

Summary of Position:

As a Compliance Contractor, you will be directly responsible for leading Fortify’s engineering team through product testing for compliance certification. You will interface with an interdisciplinary team to organize and implement compliance requirements in electrical and mechanical systems. READ FULL DESCRIPTION HERE.

Mechanical Engineer II

Location: Boston, MA

Summary of Position:

As a Mechanical Engineer II, you will be directly responsible for designing, prototyping, and testing of subsystems within Fortify’s 3D printers. You will interface with a highly interdisciplinary team to help integrate electrical, embedded, and materials disciplines into a seamlessly integrated system. A Mechanical Engineer II should expect to own the designs of subsystems involving motors and moving parts, heat transfer and fluid dynamics. As Fortify nears production of our first generally available product line, a Mechanical Engineer will play an important role in design for manufacturing, design for reliability, long-term life testing, and documentation necessary for a successful transition to production. READ FULL DESCRIPTION HERE.

PCB Engineer

Location: Boston, MA

Summary of Position:

As a PCB Engineer, you will be directly responsible for a large portion of the electrical CAD associated with the large number of electrical subsystems which exist across Fortify’s Fluxprint 3D printer family of products. You will interface with a highly interdisciplinary team to help integrate mechanical, embedded, and materials disciplines into a seamless product. A PCB Engineer should expect to receive technical direction from other Electrical Engineers but also be independent, organized, and self-guided toward task completion. The ideal candidate would also be eager to be an extra set of hands in the lab with respect to circuit and system testing as well as in house product build efforts. READ FULL DESCRIPTION HERE.

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