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Our Technology Enables


Increased gain

Increase gain (or reduce power) of traditional antenna while decreasing side lobes.


Extremely broadband

GRIN lenses are intrinsically wide band, performing across multiple frequency bands instantaneously.


Reduced scan loss

Our lenses effectively minimize scan loss in beamforming antennas, ensuring consistent performance from the boresight to the edges


Wider field-of-view

Pairing a traditional beam forming device, such as a phased array, with a lens can drastically improve the effective field-of-view, covering a broader area without deploying more hardware.


Improved SWaP-C

The aggregation of these benefits collectively enhances SWAP-C, thereby elevating device performance in extreme and austere environments.

RF & MW Applications and Devices

Leveraging our deep understanding and experience in antenna design, Fortify delivers unparalleled performance for GRIN (gradient index) applications. Our innovative design-to-manufacturing approach enables us to craft geometries with optimal Dk, step multiple effective Dks, or seamlessly establish a continuous gradient of effective Dk across diverse areas. Our solutions encompass a broad spectrum of applications, from GRIN lenses and waveguides to connectors, radomes, conformal antennas, switch beam array lenses, and more.

Applications for Every Industry

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From solution identification to production, Fortify has the technology, materials, and design expertise to discover and execute the correct solution for your application.

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