Low Loss, Tunable Effective Dielectric Materials

3D Printing for RF & Microwave Devices

Dielectric Materials for RF & MW Applications

Fortify, in collaboration with Rogers Corporation, has developed multiple low-loss dielectric materials for use in high-bandwidth, high-frequency radar and communications systems. The Low Loss 2.8 and Low Loss 4.9 materials consist of a unique low-loss polymer blended with specialty dielectric ceramic additives to create these high-performance dielectric materials.

These game-changing materials are:

  • 10 to 100x less lossy than conventional 3D printed photopolymers with a loss tangent as low as 0.0043 at a 2.8Dk
  • Best in class resolution and surface roughness tailored for wide-band mm-wave applications
  • Able to achieve extreme part complexity & open up design freedom with features as small as 225 microns
gain and frequency data for 3d printed rf lens
gain and frequency data for 3d printed rf lens
gain and frequency data for 3d printed rf lens

Wideband Performance for Next-Gen Radar & Communications

Leveraging unique materials capabilities and design approaches such as lattice-based design, Fortify delivers finished part performance that exceeds any traditional process. For example, functionally graded architectures provide optimal performance for GRIN (gradient index) applications, where we adjust the air-to-dielectric ratio to pinpoint an effective Dk, step multiple effective Dks, or create a continuous gradient of effective Dk between two areas.

Applications for Dielectric Materials Include:

  • GRIN lenses & Wave-guides
  • Connectors
  • Substrates
  • Radomes
  • Conformal Antennas
  • Ultra-low effective Dk Cores
  • Conformal Transmission Lines
  • WAIMs (Wide-Angle Impedance Matching Superstrates)
  • Dielectric Foam


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