Reinforced with ceramic fiber for 10-100X more shots

Rugged 3D Printed Tooling

Why Fortify for 3D Printed Injection Mold Tooling?

Fortify’s ability to print high viscosity ceramic filled resin delivers quick turn molds that compete with aluminum for low volume molding applications. Fortify 3D printed tools have much higher strength, stiffness, temperature, stability, and toughness than other 3D printed mold tools.

Fortify 3D printed mold tools deliver:

  • 10-100X tool life vs other 3D printed mold tools
  • Design to molded part in 90% less time than traditional manufacturing
  • Unmatched surface finish vs other 3D printed mold tools
  • Ability to mold engineering plastics like Ultem, PEEK & Torlon
  • Complex patterns directly at no extra cost – no need for EDM
  • Side pulls, ejector pins, and even undercuts can be implemented

Get started today with our Pilot Program

Ben and Molding Press
Ben and Molding Press
Ben and Molding Press
Test out the technology in your shop

Molding Pilot Program

Do you have an ongoing need for prototyping or short run projects? Check out for yourself if Fortify’s 3D printed mold tooling is right for you with our Molding Pilot Program.

  • Fortify molding experts works side-by-side with your team to transfer knowledge
  • Engineering support through 2 projects
  • Chance to witness the molding pilots at Fortify HQ in Boston
  • Low risk, low cost way to validate Fortify Digital Tooling

Once the Pilot Program program is complete your team will be left with the knowledge and know-how to succeed with future projects.