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3D printing platform at customer sites lead to faster product launches

September, 2020 (Boston, MA) — 3D printing startup Fortify, announced that it has started shipping FLUX ONE printers to customer sites. The company launched the 3D printing platform in March, gaining traction in the market with its unique printing capabilities. 

“Shipping our first product is a monumental step for Fortify,” said Josh Martin, CEO and Co-founder of Fortify. “Despite shutdowns due to COVID, our lean team has been able to push forward and deliver the technology with minimal disruption to our timeline. After several years of development and servicing customers remotely, we are thrilled to have customers using these machines at their site to bring products to market.”

A primary use case for the FLUX ONE is mold tooling applications. Users of the technology can print fiber-reinforced photopolymer mold tools in a matter of days at a fraction of the cost of traditional metal tools. The tooling application is serviced by Fortify’s Digital Tooling resin, a proprietary blend of resin and ceramic fibers that is optimized for high-resolution parts which perform under pressure and temperature.

“The modular platform we are bringing to market gives us flexibility to serve a range of applications,” said Paul Dresens, VP of Engineering at Fortify. “We can tailor the systems for the advanced additive manufacturing applications enabled by our unique ability to achieve new material properties.”

Fortify’s FLUX ONE printers incorporate CKMTM and FluxprintTM, two proprietary technologies that enable engineering additives to be incorporated and aligned for optimized performance in 3D printed tooling applications. Fortify will fulfill additional orders this year, shipping printers to additional customer sites for tooling and advanced electronic applications.  Learn more at

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