Production-quality, high-performance parts for engineering applications

Fortify End Use Production Parts

Through the use of Digital Composite Manufacturing, Fortify can additively manufacture production-quality parts that compete directly with the high-performance and difficult-to-manufacture polymers such as PEEK and Torlon or with metal-alloys such as Aluminum 6061.  For these applications we use glass, carbon, or other reinforcing fibers to dramatically increase, strength, stiffness, and other engineering-grade properties of interest.


  • Lighter, stronger parts with no tooling or machining cost
  • Designed anisotropy for tailored reinforcement
  • Faster time to market
  • Component combination & BOM reduction
  • Geometric freedom
  • Reduced material waste
  • Increased strength-weight leads to higher fuel efficiency and longer battery life or EVs, UAVs, and other transportation modalities
  • Specific thermal and electrical conductivity properties

Composites are displacing metal in components across industries.  Fortify’s proprietary optimization technology will accelerate this process.  We are currently reviewing applications for our development team to focus on and welcome your inquiry.