Production-quality, high-performance parts for engineering applications

Fortify End Use Production Parts

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Fortify_Photography_Parts_Part3 _1
Fortify_Photography_Parts_Part3 _1

Fortify’s Digital Composite Manufacturing platform allows direct 3D printing of the highest performance materials available. 

The Fortify difference is that we introduce reinforcing fiber and other functional additives during printing.  Reinforcing fibers have been used in traditional manufacturing processes for decades but have seen limited adoption in photopolymer printing. 

“Fortified” parts compete with and difficult-to-manufacture polymers such as PEEK and Torlon.  For these applications we use ceramic, glass, carbon, or other reinforcing fibers to dramatically increase, strength, stiffness, and other engineering-grade properties of interest.

In other use cases, we modify thermal or electrical properties to enable new and unique solutions to design challenges.

Fortify End Use Part Benefits:

  • Lighter, stronger parts with no tooling or machining cost
  • Material properties can tailored to meet load requirements 
  • Higher surface hardness and wear resistance
  • Tunable dielectric and conductivity properties 
  • Increased strength-weight ratio

If limited material properties are slowing your adoption of 3D printing, contact Fortify to learn how our unique approach can help you move forward faster.  What will you Fortify?