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We’ve curated this content for Lockheed Martin and hope that you find it an extremely valuable resource as you research Fortify and all that our platform has to offer. At a high-level Fortify is transforming the 3D printing industry with our patented DCM (Digital Composite Manufacturing) platform. DCM delivers new levels of additively manufactured part performance by introducing functional additives to photopolymers. By combining a deep understanding of material science with high-performance mixing, magnetics, and polymer physics, Fortify is able to produce custom microstructures in high-resolution 3D printed parts. We are an application-focused company targeting: mold tooling, RF & microwave devices, technical ceramics, and ESD.

Below you’ll find several resources as they relate to our applications.

RF Whitepaper

3D Printed Dielectric Lenses Increase Antenna Gain and Widen Beam Scanning Angle

Applications Guide to 3D Printed Low-Loss Dielectric Structures Addressing Microwave/mmWave Challenges

Request an RF Pilot Part with or without Engineering Time

Would you like to request a sample part or some time with our RF engineers? There are a handful of sample parts you can request and add some engineering time as well if needed.