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We’ve curated this content for Lockheed Martin and hope that you find it an extremely valuable resource as your research Fortify and all that our platform has to offer. At a high-level Fortify is transforming the 3D printing industry with our patented DCM (Digital Composite Manufacturing) platform. DCM delivers new levels of additively manufactured part performance by introducing functional additives to photopolymers. By combining a deep understanding of material science with high-performance mixing, magnetics, and polymer physics, Fortify is able to produce custom microstructures in high-resolution 3D printed parts. We are an application-focused company targeting: mold tooling, RF & microwave devices, technical ceramics, and ESD.

Below you’ll find several resources as they relate to our applications.

RF Whitepaper

Download our whitepaper, 3D Printed Dielectric Lenses Increase Antenna Gain and Widen Beam Scanning Angle

Request an RF Pilot Part with or without Engineering Time

Would you like to request a sample part or some time with our RF engineers? There are a handful of sample parts you can request and add some engineering time as well if needed:

Webinars, Blogs, Datasheets & Upcoming Events

Webinars (RF):

How to Design and 3D Print a Radar Target Using Low-Loss Gradient Dielectrics

Development of a 3D Printable Photopolymer for RF Applications

Fortify & Tethon 3D: Industry-leading DLP 3D printable ceramic powders with the lowest shrink rate

Webinars (molding):

Applications Highlight: Fortifying Mold Tools

Fortify’s Product and Services Ecosystem

Blogs (RF):

State-of-Technology Update on GRIN/Luneburg Dielectric Lenses/Antennas for Microwave/mmWave Applications

Closing the Performance Gap Between 3D Printing and Traditional Manufacturing: How Functional Polymers are Ready to Disrupt the Industry

Blogs (molding): 

Design for 3D Printed Injection Mold Tools 101: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

Do Water Cooling Channels Decrease Cycle Time for 3D Printed Injection Mold Tools?


One-Pager on Low-Loss Dielectric 3D Printing

Radix™ Printable Dielectric Datasheet

Fortify DT (Digital Tooling)


Thermally Conductive Dielectric Resin (TCDR)

Technical Ceramics

Upcoming Events:

RAPID, May 17 – 19 in Detroit, MI. Stop by our booth #1133

  • Watch our presentation with Rogers Corporation: How We Developed a 3D Printable Dielectric Polymer for Radio Frequency Applications

Injection Molding & Design Expo, May 25 – 26 in Detroit, MI:

  • Watch our presentation: Part selection: the secret ingredient to 3D printed injection mold tooling

IMS, June 19-24 in Denver, CO. Stop by our booth #2039

IEEE, July 10 – 15 in Denver, CO:

  • Presenting with NRL: Evaluation of joining Techniques for Disparate 3D Printed Effective Mdiea for the X Band and Ka Band
  • Presenting with Rogers Corporation: 3D Printed E-Band Gradient Dielectric Lens for Automotive and Industrial Applications

Small Satellite, August 6 – 11, Logan, UT. We will be in attendance. Fill out the form below if you’d like to book a meeting with us while we are there.

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