Industry-Leading Ceramic AM

Fortify’s DLP-powered 3D printer and resins are ideal for technical ceramics applications.

AM for Technical Ceramics

Fortify’s ability to process highly loaded functional additives on our Flux Series Printers is a game-changer for the ceramics market. 

For the first time, ceramics customers will be able to realize:

  • The speed and part quality of DLP printing with material properties that aren’t possible with current low-loading ceramic resins
  • Post-sintering shrinkages that are up to 75% less than today’s alternatives deliver improved dimensional accuracy and larger parts

See how you can integrate these industry-leading materials and our Flux Series Printers into your application.

Ceramic 3D Resin (Aluminum Silicate) from Fortify and Tethon3D
Ceramic 3D Resin (Aluminum Silicate) from Fortify and Tethon3D
Ceramic 3D Resin (Aluminum Silicate) from Fortify and Tethon3D

Game-Changing Ceramic Materials

High Purity Alumina (99.8%) (HP-A 99.8) is an alumina-filled photo resin that sinters to a final part purity of 99.8% alumina with only 12% shrinkage. This is a great selection for applications that require high reliability, dielectric strength, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity, and hardness.

Low Shrink Aluminum Silicate (LS-AS ) is a mid-grade ceramic for general industry use. This ceramic exhibits an industry-best 5% shrink upon sintering to deliver high tolerance for both large and small parts that feature high geometric complexity.


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Interested in Other Ceramics?

We have only begun to scratch the surface of possibilities and are rapidly expanding our qualified ceramic offerings. Reach out today to learn about our ceramics roadmap and discuss your interests.