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HTS – High Temp & Strength Resin

Fortify’s Digital Composite Manufacturing platform allows direct 3D printing of the highest performance materials available.

HTS delivers material properties similar to engineering plastics like PEEK, Vespel®, Radel®, and Torlon® via additive manufacturing.  Unlike many other high-performance photopolymers, HTS is a one-pot system leading to higher productivity and less waste.

HTS Resin Parts Provide:

  • High-temperature performance (HDT exceeding 300C)
  • High strength and deformation resistance
  • Best-in-class wear resistance
  • Ability to be autoclaved
  • AM photopolymer advantages without sacrificing part performance
HTS photopolymer material comparison

Applications for Fortify’s High Temp & Strength Resin

HTS at its core is another alternative for anyone looking for high strength, high-temperature part performance. Fortify’s HTS Resin is ideal for a range of 3D Printing applications, including:

  • Tooling
  • Jigs
  • Fixtures
  • End-Use parts

We now offer benchmark parts in HTS resin for you to evaluate.

HTS photopolymer for jigs fixtures and end use parts