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Photo of a mask made with injection molding

Why Fortify for Medical Device Injection Molding?

Medical-grade plastics are available in injection molding pellets, but these plastics are not widely available in 3D printing. With Fortify’s injection molding services, you can develop prototypes at 3D printing speeds with validated materials.

Fortify’s medical device injection molding services give you the ability to:

  • Mold complex geometries in days
  • Mold in end-use resin, without sacrificing speed or cost
  • Accelerate time to regulatory approval

High-Performance, Medical-Grade Plastics

Fortify is the leader in molding high-performance plastics. Fortify’s medical device injection molding services can mold medical device components in high-quality, medical-grade plastics, so you can mold parts in end-use material without high tooling costs.

Fortify can mold medical parts in these plastics:

  • Carbon Fiber filled PEEK
  • Ultem 1000 and Ultem 2300
  • Liquid Crystalline Polymer
  • Glass Filled Nylons, Polycarbonates etc.

Speak with our experts to find out which medical-grade plastic is right for your application.

High-performance plastic molds from Fortify
Photo of Medical Device parts made with injection molding

Reduce Project Risks with Cost-Effective Injection Molding

Medical device development is a high-risk product development cycle where many products cost thousands of dollars to develop without ever going to market. By using faster, cost-effective injection molding for developing medical device components, the risk of innovation and iteration is eliminated.

Reduce risk in medical product development easily and:

  • Get all DFM work done in the early stages of development
  • Validate assemblies quickly
  • Continue to iterate on a design until it is perfect, without the high cost of new tooling


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